My A2 Urban Farmers blog is all about living frugally and sustainably, buying locally, and striving to re-use, re-purpose and recycle as much as possible.

In my experience, the “frugal and sustainable” part usually ends up involving quite a bit of work. But it sure saves money and, hopefully, the planet, too.

Buying locally just makes sense, eliminating high transportation costs and reducing carbon emissions. And it feels great to know you’re contributing to the local economy by spending money with your neighbors instead of funneling it straight to some guy named Sam in Arkansas.

The “three R’s” are the fun part! I love to find creative ways to re-use, re-purpose and recycle things that might otherwise end up in our growing landfills. The humbler and more garbage-y the raw materials, the more fun it is to make something beautiful from them.

I hope this blog helps you out, and that you find something useful or inspiring here.

Jeannette Gutierrez / Ann Arbor, Michigan USA


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey J,

    Cute idea for a blog! I love the banner at the top with the lime green and white flowers. I haven’t yet watched Clara’s video because I politely kicked Marlon off the computer to check email real quick so I have to let him back on. Is “moe” garbage an urban farmer term?

    Is the whole bloggone world going to see this reply?

  2. Hi there, great blog! I just googled making vegetable stock from scraps and your site came up. I’ll bet you’ll be getting loads of hits from now on, everyone is trying to save save save. keep up the good work
    Sally – South Australia

    1. Thanks, Sally! You sure are right about everybody trying to save! I’ll be posting more frequently this year. If you found a good way to use your stock, please share it 🙂

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