How To Make A Dog Leash From A Recycled Bedsheet

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It’s so quick and easy to make an attractive no-sew homespun dog leash from an old bedsheet. I’ve been “rolling my own” dog leashes for about 20 years now, and they are every bit as sturdy as leather or webbing, and they last for years. And the best part is, when the leash finally does wear out, you can reuse the hardware with another bedsheet to make a new one in minutes.

Gather These Materials:

  • 1 old bedsheet (any size)
  • 1 dog clamp (hardware store)
  • A bit of aluminum wire, about 16 gauge (hardware store)
  • Your summer camp lanyard-making skills

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Dog Eye Infection Eye Drops Recipe

Gracie the Pug With Eye Drops

All better now. Thanks, Mom!

When Miss Gracie recently developed those distinctive greenish eye boogers, I wondered if there was a home remedy I could try before hauling her in to the vet. Especially since I never seem to get her out of there for less than $75. Fees, tests and meds add up fast!

I asked Uncle Google, and he served up several variations of this recipe, plus a lot of heated discussion about whether or not it is humane to try home treating your pet. And a lot of scolding about how if you can’t afford a vet, you shouldn’t have a dog, blah, blah.

I think that, just as with human illness, if the situation doesn’t seem dire, it’s ok to try the equivalent of “chicken soup” before running to the professionals. It’s all about judgment.

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Homemade Cold Frappucino Mix

Homemade Cold Frappucino Mix

Can't beat those prices!

If you’re like me, you love Starbucks’ cold mocha frappucinos, the kind you find in the soda pop case at the convenience store. They are a summertime staple for me.

But they are pricey at $1.90 to $2.29 for a 9 oz bottle. Even if you catch a 4-pack on sale at the grocery store, or opt for the grocery store brand, they are about $1.30 each. A pallet of 12 at Costco puts the price at 93 cents each, 80-something if Costco is running a $2 to $3-off coupon, which they do a couple times a year.

I’ve found Aldi’s “Beaumont” brand are quite good, especially the French Vanilla flavor, and at an everyday price of 99c each it’s the best single bottle deal you will find anywhere. If you’re on the road and craving a frappucino, don’t stop at the gas station, stop at an Aldi store! They come chilled and are in the cheese section.

However, even at the lowest prices, it still adds up if you have a habit like I do, and when you see the big pile of glass bottles in the recycle bin, it starts to look pretty wasteful and consumerish as well. Oh, and all that sugar! So I figured there had to be a way to make them myself.

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Making Stock from Vegetable Scraps

Homemade vegetable stock is a great way to use every last bit of the veggies you buy, and it can be frozen for later use to add wonderful flavor to any recipe.

When cooking, save things like the butt ends of carrots and celery (cut out the tough stem part of the carrot, and the hard base of the celery), celery leaves, clean potato peels, and the rubbery outer layers of an onion (do not use the skin; it will make your stock bitter). Keep a covered container in the fridge for collecting these scraps. At the end of the week, use your treasures to make stock. Continue reading